Virus & Malware Remediation

Do you use Facebook, surf the Internet, send email? Then you need antivirus protection. Don’t leave your computer susceptible to hackers, viruses and other harmful programs. If your experience any of the following symptoms, you very well may have a virus or malware.

  • Pop up ads
  • Changed computer settings
  • Additional components in the web browser
  • Sluggish computer

Don’t take a chance. Viruses and malware can and will wreak havoc on your computer and/or your data. Your personal information, like banking, credit cards, etc…are a goldmine for identity thieves. Have peace of mind that your computer is properly protected by calling Star Computer Services today at 281-630-1254.

Virus remediation services include:

• Search and locate viruses on your system
• Anti-Virus Software Installation and Configuration
• Malware Removal
• Virus Removal and System Restores
• Anti-Virus and Malware Updates and Configurations

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