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What is Computer Stars?

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Computer Enrichment

Preparing today's young minds for tomorrow's future.

Computer Stars is a computer enrichment program for PK3 - 5th grade students. We bring technology and education to the classroom. You might be thinking, "My child already knows how to use a computer," but to what extent?

We realize, most children,know how to point and click around with the mouse; but are they familiar with the keyboard and its various key functions? Other than games, what software or word processing applications do they use at home? Are they familiar with Microsoft Word? Can your child knowingly navigate through the Windows operating system?


Computer Star's uses a structured curriculum, the 5 Star Learning System, to teach children everything from basic hardware and Compuwords (computer lingo) to simple keyboarding skills. It is our goal that in these early childhood years, we help build a solid foundation in computer technology and literacy. The 5 Star Learning System is designed and taught for each specific grade at various skill levels. Classes are fun, challenging and will heighten your child's computer proficiency.

We like to give every child the opportunity to participate in our program. Prices are affordable and no registration fees are required. For class schedule and costs, please see your child's teacher.

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