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Computer Education Classes

Computer EducationStar Computer Services is now offering one-on-one computer education classes.

Whether you're a novice or a bit on the savvy side, we're here to help you learn more so that you can do more - and do it with confidence! Classes are conducted by appointment only and in the comfort of your own home.



One hour class subjects include:

  •     General PC Basics
  •     How to: Send and Reply to Emails
  •     How to: Attach a File to an Email Message
  •     How to: Install and Use a Web Cam
  •     How to: Save a File in Application Software
  •     How to: Control Printing on Your Computer
  •     How to: Install and Uninstall Application Software
  •     How to: Burn Files to an Optical Disk
  •     How to: Transfer Pictures from your Camera to Computer
  •     How to: Create and Use Your Own Blog
  •     How to: Get Started with Social Media
  •     How to: Download Songs to a Portable Media Player

And More! If you don't see a topic listed, just ask!
Contact us to schedule your appointment!  281-630-1254