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5 Star Learning System

Through application, students learn the interrelationship between:

Computer StarsHardware

Students are introduced and taught the functions, capabilities and interrelationship of the computer's main hardware components.

code boy

Computer StarsWindows Operating System

Students learn to navigate through "Windows" operating system and are taught basic functions & capabilities.

Computer StarsCompuWords

New tech terms are introduced each session. The instructor and students use these words on a continual basis, through application, fostering vocabulary skills.

Computer StarsSoftware

New software is introduced on a regular basis exposing students to an array of developmentally appropriate educational material.

Computer StarsKeyboarding

Microsoft's "Word" program is used on a continual basis to assist in keyboarding and word processing skills. Students become acquainted with the keyboard, learning various key functions and applications.

Did you know...?

Keyboarding is considered to be the penmanship of the computer age. As technology has evolved, there has been a paradigm shift in the way we communicate: word processing, electronic communication, slideshow presentation, etc...Computer Star's technology applications program will assist in developing and increasing their knowledge of computer skills.